At least 60% Superfine Lapsang Souchong real pine smoked (not scented) full loose tea leaf. First Grade Keemun, Premium Dian Hong.HL

This tea was singular, and was not only the best Russian Caravan blend I’ve sampled, but one of the best of any blended teas I’ve ever tried. Incredibly complex, and eminently pleasing to drink.

- Alex Zorach ( read full review



Very Very Special Tea

Our teas are organically farmed and then hand picked from the finest and most elite tea gardens in China using the same methods as used centuries ago.  The leaves are then checked for quality, sun dried, placed in bamboo baskets, in which they are roasted for hours in earthen ovens over burning pine firewood, and finally hand blended.  The result is a fine, full bodied, strong copper colored, smokey, and heavy flavored tea with a smooth and mellow aftertaste.  

BT-06-13-144218 copyThis tea produces a liquor which can be described as bright reddish/orange.  Its flavor is rich and smolderingly smoky, yet with great harmony and wealth of dried aroma.


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